Welcome to GigMarket!

Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Insurance Technology

A revolutionary new way to access the latest insurtech on a per transaction basis. If there’s technology or service that you really want to use, but they cost $5,000 to $10,000 per year, and you only need them 4-5 times per year, you can use InsuranceGIG’s white-labeled AppMarket to use that service and pay per transaction!

Did you know that there are literally THOUSANDS of insuratech companies out there, building solutions, platforms and services for YOU the agent to be able to work more efficiently, service your clients better and become more successful?

What if you could harness the power of all their technology, in one single place, and only pay for what you like and only based on what you use?

Introducing GigMarket – a portal of Apps that is absolutely 100% free to access.

With each application bringing you the powers of the insurtech companies out there.

Now YOU can have access to enterprise-level solutions and services, without the enterprise price tag.

GigMarket App Partners

Set up your own FREE whitelabeled AppMarket with ready-to-use services, and receive a $25 credit.